Why You Must Have Our Butter-Soft Lambskin Leather Jacket

Why You Must Have Our Butter-Soft Lambskin Leather Jacket

Here's an early sneak peek of Black + Posh new Fall 2020 inventory. And gurl... this butter-soft Lambskin leather jacket is an absolute must have! The Alexander McQueen lace peplum leather moto jacket at Nordstrom's retails for $7,290. Ours is a great alternative and is on presale for only $499... a fraction of the cost!

Lambskin leather & lace jacket

Let's talk about the material...

This lambskin leather jacket is made of 100% lamb leather. Why is lamb leather good for jackets? Lambskin leather is naturally thinner and lighter than cowhide leather. That means it's extremely pliable- offering good stretch for clothing items like leather jackets, leather skirts, leather pants, and leather gloves. For a European form-fitted biker jacket, this material is superb.

It features an asymmetrical two-way front-zip closure, notched lapels with buttons, zip cuffs, front zip pockets, and buckles. The lace drapes at the waist flaring intricate peplum designs that fall longer at the back.

Here's why you must have it!


Our lambskin leather and lace peplum jacket add extra flair and unique styling to your wardrobe. It is a slim fit jacket with an overskirt, which drapes the waist of the jacket- creating a hanging frill or flounce. The Black + Posh lambskin leather jacket is a signature showpiece in our Fall collection. It is worthy of comparison to the modern British couture fashion brand of Alexander McQueen. We have sizes-small, medium, and large available.


We can't rave enough about how the material feels! If only online shopping had a way to sense this material, I guarantee you will absolutely fall in love at first touch. To give you an idea of the luxurious material, imagine wearing the softness of a comfy Cashmere throw. Like Jay-Z said in Brooklyn's Finest it's, "that butter-soft sh*t from da leather on da Fonz!"


Imagine having the look and feel of an Alexander McQueen at a fraction of the price... Our jacket retails for only $499 $699 which is only ten percent of the designer's version. Make no mistake, this is not some faux leather we're hyping... but a premium real leather jacket of our own branding.

Black + Posh is committed to extreme top quality and excellence in customer service. If you purchase this jacket and are not satisfied for any reason, we will accept a return and give a full refund granted it is unworn. Rest assured of our quality in style, pricing, and products.

Don't wait until we sell out. Be one of the first to grab one exclusively in our store!

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